approaching motherhood FAQ

Where are the workshops held?

Austin, Texas. Online workshop hosted on Udemy.

When is the next workshop?

View our class schedule here.

How frequently do the classes meet?

We have many different options, but usually our classes are once a week for 4 weeks. Online course is a self-paced 6 week course. You can see our class options here.

Do you offer one on one coaching?

Yes. You can sign up here.

Do we discuss parenting philosophies?

Nope, this is not a parenting class. We won’t focus on children, their development, or how to parent. I don't give out recommendations on breast-feeding, co-sleeping, or screen time. This is about your identity as a mother and what you can do now to prepare for motherhood. See what we discuss here.

Is this like therapy?

No, not exactly. This isn’t therapy or treatment for mental health issues. While we do dig deep into our hearts about our past, fears, issues with our moms, relationship with our partners, and our limiting believes, it isn't therapy. However, we will go over some ways to heal ourselves to put us on the path to a happy motherhood.

Notes: Pregnant and new moms, you might want to hold off on taking the workshop until your mental space and hormones allow you to take a loving look at yourself :)