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Thank you so much for this course - such a gem to find a course like this. People always say nothing prepares you for parenting but this course will definitely help with dealing with yourself as a parent and trying to identify and help deal with the baggage that I might be carrying which I definitely wouldn't want to pass on to my child. Thanks Jessica. I'm actually a dad to be and I did this course with my wife - so I looked at things from a dad's perspective. So the course content might be focused on mums but equally applies to dads too! - S.G.
Very engaging and comprehensive course! Very helpful information for anyone who is considering (or is resistant to) having children. Loved the part where you can still be you, adn how you can incorporate that into parenting. The course is well organized and fun to go through. I learned a lot about myself! Highly recommend! - J
This course has really helped me prepare to become a mom and think about things I needed to ask myself. It's positive and thoughtful and a great guide for anyone thinking about bringing a child into the world. -L.L.


Thinking about becoming a mom can be exciting and terrifying at the same time.

We all want to be great moms and give our future kids the absolute best start in life. We really really don’t want to screw them up! However, knowing exactly how to do that can get very confusing. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the fear of failure, parenting experts advice, our own relationship with our mom, and society’s idea of what a good mom is.


I know motherhood can be an amazing, fun experience, and I’ve seen it in action.

I know the best person to guide and advise you throughout your life as a mom is you!


So how can we prepare for a motherhood like that?

It does take prep work to get to a place where you can rely on your internal compass, but it is worth it. Books and classes on breastfeeding, birth plans, and parenting philosophies have their place, but the key to being a good mom really is as simple and as hard as finding yourself and being true to who you are.

You can start preparing for a happy motherhood now with this workshop.

This curriculum provides you with a strategy and a set of tools that will put you on the path to modern motherhood that will leave you feeling competent, empowered, and successful in the next stage of life. Imagine going into motherhood excited, and confident you can be a great mom with a fun, amazing family.

What to Expect + The Deets:

The video-based course is designed to be covered over 6 weeks (or do it at your own pace) with weekly home work and handouts that include writing and journal exercises, interview with a mom, and homework to do with your partner. I even hold office hours in which you can ask me anything. You will also get tons of recommendations for outside resources, even who to follow on Instagram. You can even participate in the course on your phone or tablet.

What’s included in this course:

+The secret formula for happy moms – it’s super simple and no algebra is involved

+Essential mom skillzz you can practice and hone today

+The link between your relationships (with your mom, partner, and yourself) and the effect it will have on your kids and what type of mom you will be

+A guide to create a personalized plan to get prepared for motherhood right now

You can learn all this at home, and it's less than a trip to the salon or a dress from Anthropology.


Finally, there is a course, not just about parenting or having kids, but about preparing for life as a mom.

There isn't any other course out there that actually helps you prevent the pain of a motherhood filled with feelings of failure, guilt, martyrdom, or fear. No one is really helping women become better moms before they have kids. However, it makes perfect sense! This is the time to put in the work since you have more time, energy and money to invest in yourself and your relationships.

I truly believe we can be the first generation of moms with no mom jeans, mom guilt, or mommy wars.

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I've taken several courses on Udemy, and it's an excellent, easy to use site with great customer service. I'm also here to provide any support or help along the way.

Looking forward to connecting with you,

Jessica Doyle, MPH

Course Curriculum 

Nice to Meet You, Let's Get Started

About Me + How I Can Help

How this Course Works - Videos, Homework + Challenges

Where to Find Homework, Downloads + Links

Homework to Complete Before Week 1: Your Vision of Motherhood

Week 1: Your Vision of Motherhood - Beyonce or June Cleaver?

Intro to Week 1: Your Vision of Motherhood

What Will Motherhood be Like?

You as Your Ideal Mom

Reasons to Become a Mom

Fear, Worry, Anxiety ... Oh My!

Personal Challenge for Week 1

Homework to Complete Before Week 2: Did You Get It From Your Mamma?

Week 2: Did You Get It From Your Mamma?

Intro to Week 2: Did You Get it From Your Mamma?

What Type of Mom Did You Have?

Keeping Her Traditions / Doing Things Different

Trying Too Hard to Correct Your Parent's Mistakes

Give Yourself What You Didn't Get From Childhood

Personal Challenge for Week 2: Mom

Homework to Complete Before Week 3: Prepare for Your Mini-Me

Week 3: Mentally Prepare for Your Little Mini-me

Intro to Week 3: Mentally Prepare for Your Little Mini-me

How Kids Learn + What Will You Teach Yours

Tiny, Adorable Emotional Triggers

Find Your Family Values + Create a Family Vision

Love, Sex + Motherhood

Homework to Complete Before Week 4: The Secret Formula

Week 4: The Secret Formula for Owning Motherhood

Happy Mom = Happy Kids

Personal Challenge for Week 4: Happiness

Homework to Complete Before Week 5: Essential Happy Mom Skills

Week 5: Essential Happy Mom Skills to Hone Now

Intro to Week 5: Essential Happy Mom Skills

Rediscover + Connect with Your True-Self

Balance Your Masculine and Feminine Energy

Feeling Enough

Put Yourself First - Yes, I'm Serious

Take Care of Yourself - Learn to Change Your Own Diaper First

Intuition - How You Feel Matters


Have Fun in the Moment

Design a Support System - It Does Take a Village

Understand Babies + Kids

Personal Challenge for Week 5: Fun

Homework to Complete Before Week 6: Get a Game Plan

Week 6: Get a Game Plan for Success

What Will You Work On Now? Choose Your Own Adventure

Pre-Mom Game Plan Worksheet

Personal Challenge for Week 6: Family Letter

 Gracias + Au Revoir

Wrap Up: A New Definition of the Perfect Mom

Course Quiz (optional) - Here Ya Go Achievers :)