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I love connecting with people, learning through others, and watching people make small shifts in their lives that make a huge difference in their happiness and confidence. My favorite way to do things is through good ol fashion girl talk (aka deep, meaningful conversations).

It’s a beautiful thing when a person discovers a little more of who they really are and feels confident to live a full life as themselves. They transform from just surviving to really thriving. I believe there is no better time to get to this place of thriving than before you become a mother.

So why do I do this? Although I absolutely love watching women make changes, the truth is my passion and life’s work is to make sure every child grows up in a healthy, happy home. Through my experience working with families in their homes and my educational background in maternal and child health, I know the only way to accomplish this is to support women in becoming healthy and happy themselves. I believe small personal, internal changes can make a huge difference in the world and the future generations.

How did I come up with this?

I was born with baby fever. To put it mildly I love kids. Like most of you I started babysitting in middle school, but unlike most of you I’m in my late twenties and somehow never stopped. I had a masters degree in maternal and child health and had a full time career, yet I still babysat one night a week. I would tell people and myself that it was for extra travel money, but the truth was I truly enjoyed it and it fulfilled me in ways my job couldn’t. Eventually, I quit my crappy job and starting babysitting for more families, so I could pursue some creative endeavors. This is when I began to develop the idea for this workshop.

I’m not a mom. However, as a typical late twenty something, finding a life partner and starting a family are on my mind. I realized I’ve been given a special opportunity to try on different types of families. I began to see the first hand the range in parenting styles and flavors. As a babysitting teen, having my own family was too distant for me to really notice or care what was going on. I couldn’t watch or observe my mother raise me, so this was my chance to learn and study the way of a mom with paid internship.

I’ve compiled all that I’ve learned through research and experience to give you a strategy to prepare for motherhood in a way that will give you the power to create the kind of experience you always dreamed of. I’m not here to push or preach a certain parenting philosophy that demands perfection, discipline, or strict rules that will leave you feeling like a failure. What I have developed is the complete opposite. I want to show you that you are the expert and that there is no perfect way to parent. Your intuition is expert parenting advice.