All My Favorite Trips Start with a Greyhound Bus

It's much cheaper to fly out of houston for international trips. When I went to Africa I took a bus to houston. My first greyhound experience was in middle school when Robin and I took a bus from El Dorado to Baton Rouge to visit Elsa. I saw some things that can never been unseen. Our parents were brave. 

My flight was super cheap and super easy - as in there were no delays or long layovers. 

I left Austin July 26. Took a greyhound to houston for $11. Leather seats, AC, outlets, quiet passengers. A+

My flight total to Bangkok was $500. I only purchased a one way ticket. 

I flew on Singapore Airlines which I loved. At one point I thought I could live on one of these. The food was actually good. The service was amazing. The flight attendants couldve been models. The men were in nice suits and the women wore traditional dresses. I rudely tried to take a picture of one of them. In my next life I want to be a Singapore Airline stewardess. 

It was a 25 plus hour journey. I tried to focus on the moment and not look at the flight time or path. 

One of my favorite parts was that we flew over Arkansas. Obviously we took the long way. 

I watched about 6 or 7 movies since I can't really sleep on planes. 

When I landed in Bangkok, I probably way over paid for a taxi to my hotel which was really close to the airport. Paid $3 to check in early. Showered and slept for ever. 

Now I am in the airport and headed to Chiang Mai. A city about 8 hours drive north of Bangkok. I have a hostel booked for three days there. Then I will make a plan from there. 


Will add pics to this post soon. 

Posted on July 28, 2015 .