The Modern Motherhood Manifesto

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I strive to be truly myself, not the perfect mom.


I create my own unique version of motherhood.


I praise myself, celebrate my efforts, and cheer myself on.


I mother myself as well as I mother my kids.


I ask for help and never white-knuckle it.  


I continue to dream big and follow my ever evolving passions.


I appreciate and praise my partners’ efforts and acknowledge their value and competency as a great parent.


I am proud of my body and see it as an amazing thing of beauty.


I keep a piece of me sacred and never give my family 100% of me.


I make time weekly for true friends, my self-care, and my lover.


I budget and schedule myself in, as I would any respected family member.


I manage my fears and worries, so I can have fun and be present with my family.


I take care of myself, so I can stay happy, healthy, and feeling good.  


I make time to listen to my intuition and trust myself to know what is best for me and my family.


I look for and dwell on the fun and joy in every day.


I mind my own business and do not compare myself to other mothers, even my own.


I live authentically and am unapologetically myself.   


I am only responsible for my happiness, feelings, and energy.


I am delicate and gentle with myself, forgive myself quickly, and let myself rest and recharge.


I see the best in my kids and others, and do not live in fear or concern for them. 

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Posted on May 20, 2015 .