This survey for anyone who is thinking about motherhood, moms to be and new moms. Specifically those planning, trying, expecting, or adopting.

What do you want to know about motherhood?

What’s important to you?

What are you worried and excited about?

What do you want more insight on?

How do you see yourself as mom?

What do you need help with when you transition into motherhood?

Approaching Motherhood is about emotionally preparing for life as a happy mom. We don’t really address parenting, baby safety or birth plans since that is already so well covered. 

If you are already a mom, please fill out this survey and share your expertise. 

Select all that apply:
What topics do you want to hear more about?
What are your top 3 fears, worries, or concerns about motherhood?
What are you most excited for?
Do you know any moms that you want to be like?
How do you want to be different than your mom or other moms you see?
What do you want your kids to be, do, have, feel that you didn’t get as kid?

Thank you for your input!