Things Moms with High Self-esteem Think and Do

Having a healthy self-esteem going into motherhood is very powerful. 

You are more confident, better able to ask for help and feel more satisfied with life. 

Moms with Low Self-esteem think: 

(feeling not worthy of happiness or fearing you won't be okay)

They didn’t invite me because they don’t like me

I’m the fattest/poorest/dumbest one here

I'm the worst mom here since I forgot/failed/can't/won't/didn't

I'm responsible for making others happy especially my kids

They are looking at me because they think I'm a bad mom

Other people don't include me, so they must not like me

I can’t believe I acted like that, they won’t ever call me again

I'm always rehearsing or rehashing conversations in my head

I'm not good enough to be a mom

I fear terrible things happening and I won't be able to handle it

Moms with Healthy Self-esteem Think:

(resilient, taking care of your own needs, loving yourself, trusting others) 

They didn’t invite me because they forgot

I see the beauty in everyone

They must be having a bad day that's why they reacted like that

Other people's reactions to me have more to do with them and their history than me. 

I listen to my intuition above that of others

My needs are just as important as others

I haven’t heard from her in days, she must be so busy

They know me well enough to know I had a bad day, that’s what good friends are for

I don't waste time living in the past or future

I'm a great mom and will figure things out as I go

I'm lovable just as I am

I'm not responsible for others feelings, happiness, life, or choices

No matter what happens we will be okay


Posted on October 17, 2014 .